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  • Ron Bublitz

    December 1, 2021 at 11:59 am

    That’s very interesting that you state your research invalidates a 4 BC death for Herod. Actually the information contained in Josephus can only result in considering a 4 BC death of Herod due to the available eclipses.
    As I lay out very specifically in my book, “Herod’s death occurred shortly after a lunar eclipse during a fast and shortly before the following Passover which was thirty-four years from the time Antigonus had been executed. Since the Jewish calendar is tied to phases of the moon, a lunar eclipse can only occur at the middle of a month during the full moon phase. The only Jewish fast which occurs during the middle of the month is the Fast of Esther or Purim which takes place in February/March.” Only two eclipses occur in the middle of the month shortly before the time of Passover – on Mar 13, 4 BC and Mar2, 3 BC – during Purim – a fast. The 3 BC eclipse was of a penumbral type – very limited visibility. The 4 BC eclipse was a partial eclipse and much more visible. Antigonus, having died in 37 BC, 34 years later, Herod dies (inclusive reckoning) in 4 BC. These details are found in Antiquities, 17, 6, 4 and 17, 8, 1.

    In addition, Molnar’s book “The Star of Bethlehem” lays out the astronomical events which occurred in 6 BC in great detail.

    Also, the ubiquitous assumption by early Christians that the the birth of Jesus Christ happened in 304 Anno Alexandri has not been adequately recognized. This information is found in al-Biruni’s “Vestiges of the Past”. It seems much information has been lost over the centuries. This 304 date specifically points to the year 6 BC.

    And my ground breaking research regarding “Eclipse Event Signs” which definitively shows that God uses eclipses to mark special events in the history of the Jewish people shows that 6 BC was in fact the birth year.