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  • Thomas Donlon

    November 15, 2021 at 9:56 am

    Hi Gary,

    In response to your question about utilizing Historical Faith Society material for your Discipleship study, as a consumer of HFS material as you are, I’d suggest you look at this page of the Patterns of Evidence store.

    Various licenses to show movies. It is astonishingly economical. The bump up to show the movies forever at your church location is also extremely economical. Additionally very economical sets of ten DVD’s are available. I’ve bought about three sets of ten DVD’s (or more… I forget) to give away. I would also have paid for the church I attended to purchase the licenses to show the movie, but I’m not that persuasive in person …

    There may be some other small group material available at the Patterns of Evidence store… but I’m so out-of-money I had to stop buying books so I don’t know what is currently available.

    To be clear, I’m not employed by HFS, I am just trying to help them out in the ways God has given me grace to do so.

    If the specific options that Patterns of Evidence and Historical Faith Society have already made available for teaching and sharing, you feel could be improved upon, maybe you could then make a more specific request to Tim and Patterns of Evidence. As it is, I imagine Tim has a bunch of different agreements with a bunch of different people on how and in what way he can share video clips of material in the Monthly focus sections and it is too much to mentally keep track of and impulsively commit to share without maybe hiring legal help.

    If you are extremely gifted and have something in mind that you can produce to add value to material that is already produced by Patterns of Evidence, Thinking Man Films or HFS, Tim, after prayer, and if the Lord so wills, may be willing to incorporate any efforts that you make to produce a new product if you see a new specific need for some teaching material.

    Also, take a look at the Explorer series for kids… and as a paying member of HFS you will probably still find those wonderful videos in one of the Focus sections in the above tabs at the HFS site. Hours of material. These are also available for purchase in DVD or digital download format at the Patterns of Evidence store. I’ve not yet looked at specific licenses, but if you sharing in a small group … well you can research that or get one for all, I’ve not explored that option.

    I’m just, like you, a contributor to the HFS and I spend a lot of time here… God hasn’t directed me in many other directions. So take my opinions for what it is worth, just another person who appreciates the material here and the mission that God is undertaking in this section of his spiritual work.

    It may have taken me a half hour or longer to write this response… and I don’t think Tim has that kind of time with all his pressing projects… so forgive him if he can’t personally answer your request in a detailed way.

    I’m very glad you are trying to share HFS material in whatever way you can. It is a wonderful effort that is happening with many parts of the body of Christ contributing in the ways God has gifted them.