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  • Dating the inscriptions – do they fit the Late date (Ramesses) or various early dates?

  • Historical Faith Society

    December 18, 2020 at 4:29 am
  • Thomas Donlon

    January 20, 2021 at 9:29 pm

    One of the fascinating things to me is that there are proposals for Israel arriving early in Egypt and leaving 430 years later during Ramesses time, And other proposals that use different chronology or chronologies and also having Israel settling in Egypt early, developing the writing and then leaving Egypt also earlier than many think. The Patterns of Evidence films has (to me) seemed to compress the origination of the alphabet in Egypt too tight up against when David Rohl believes Joseph entered. If Petrovich is right in what he is teasing about an upcoming book of his, Joseph’s arrival is a few years earlier, but still overlaps with the other Pharoah’s that David Rohl thinks. David Rohl has argued that The Waterway of Joseph was to lessen the floods of the Nile Delta so crops could grow better. However the land wasn’t extensively occupied till Joseph and his brothers settled there. Maybe, the Waterway of Joseph was rather planned and built to cut down on the flooding so that the people of Israel could live there and multiply like rabbits in a good fertile land? It flooded earlier and only a few lived there. Stopped overflowing as badly and many started living there. And in Red Sea Miracle Part 1 (perhaps in Collectors Edition extra material) Manfred Bietak pointed to a now forgotten lake that was in the area that had many settlements around it with a Biblical name. I wonder was this also a natural lake? Or was this also a feat of engineering to make the land more livable. I’m not arguing for this… I’m just asking questions.

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