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  • a b

    June 15, 2021 at 5:26 pm

    I just finished the “Patterns of Evidence Exodus” DVD and I’ve started on the “Moses Controversy.” Fantastic information and Film! The question was brought up if Moses could read, write and if so what did he write in. I wanted to just add that very clearly Moses could READ and Write since we know that God WROTE His laws on 2 stone tablets. I would presume that God would have written in whatever language Moses and the Israelitess would have been able to READ and write. Clearly the laws God wrote on the stone tablets were then written down other places and passed down through history.

  • Michele Rousseau

    June 20, 2021 at 9:14 pm

    Aaron, interestingly, I have been re-watching the “Patterns of Evidence Exodus” and “The Moses Controversy” documentaries this weekend. I agree that it is obvious Moses could read. I had two main thoughts through the “Moses Controversy” documentary, which were eventually addressed in the film:

    1)God Himself wrote on tablets of stone to Moses the core ten commandments for all of Israel to following in pursuing the holiness of God, and

    2)Moses was raised and nursed by His own mother in the infant/toddler years of his life and then raised and educated in Pharaoh’s house, which certainly had to include reading and writing.

    Even now, I am thinking about Moses’ 40 years of learning in Pharaoh’s house and then 40 years of learning from a semitic priest, his father-in-law, while shepherding in the desert. Truly, God was preparing Moses for writing and imparting the laws of the covenant to the mixed multitude of Israelites for generations to come. These documentaries are very thought provoking and inspire a stirring of faith in God and the writings of The Bible.

  • Michele Rousseau

    June 23, 2021 at 7:24 am

    Hello again, Aaron. I also want to add that while I was watching The Moses Controversy, I went to my book shelf to get a book called HEBREW WORD PICTURES by Dr. Frank T. Seekins. As they repeatedly showed the stone in the documentary with the “different” writing, I immediately recognized the Hebrew “aleph” and the “mem” because I had been studying from this book by Dr. Seekins.

    What I truly believe is that Hebrew was the universal language until the time of the Tower of Babel event as recorded in Genesis 11, when God miraculously made languages become different and separate, to end the rebellious system and scatter the people away from such an evil agenda against depending on God.


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