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  • Historical Faith Society

    March 7, 2022 at 1:19 am

    What are your thoughts on the Focus Series with Cecilia DeMille Presley, granddaughter of Cecil B. DeMille, so far? Have you seen The Ten Commandments or any of Cecil’s other Biblical films?


    March 24, 2022 at 9:21 am

    It is only partly true that ‘history repeats itself’. The good parts do not. Only the bad parts do. If this wasn’t true I would have hope that another ‘Cecilia’, and ‘Cecil DeMille’ — interested in BOTH ‘science’ and ‘story-telling’ — might reappear somewhere in the world and make an update movie of especially the ‘King of Kings’ film-topic. Such a film, today, would not need to rest so heavily on the sole ‘authority’ of the single witness of the ‘Bible Only’ as ‘God’s Word’. No, ‘God’s Word’ also spoke the first witness of ‘Creation’ into existence, just as described in the first words of the Bible in ‘Genesis’.

    And so, if Cecilia — who is also interested in science, according to these videos — had a similar team and resources in place today, like those which her grandfather, Cecil, once had in place, even ‘good’ history might be repeated in Hollywood film-making. But if it were possible, such up-to-date ‘Biblical’ film-making would necessarily have to include more than a ‘story’. It would have to include newly-discovered ‘science’ details that greatly enhance the story of the ‘Cross of Christ’, for instance. Yet, never before in Earth’s history has there been more scientific evidence available regarding the truth of the Biblical story of the humiliating Cross of the ‘King of Kings’, and simultaneously less public interest in combining God’s ‘religion’ AND God’s ‘science’ together in comprehending the complete ‘Word of God’ in harmony with itself. And so no financial investors will back such an instant box office ‘flop’. The proof of such multi-faceted, yet harmonious ‘truth’ being a financial ‘flop’ is right here in the ‘no comments’ section of this HFS series. Maybe the ‘elite’ HFS membership is discussing this DeMille series in their more luxurious online suite, but here in the ‘cheap seats’ . . . ? ‘Pin-drop’ silence.

    So, what resources has Heaven left to use, but actual present-day world-wide events, like the ‘Reality TV’ George Floyd murder and resulting worldwide protests ? If the ‘Mind of Christ’ upon the Cross, could have been scanned in real time, that scan would have shown extremely-high activity in the same small part of the ‘heart’ of His human brain that was highly active in George Floyd’s brain as he died begging for ‘air’, for ’empathy’ from his captors, and for the return to him of his recently-deceased mother. The resulting world-wide protests that immediately flared up as a result of George Floyd’s unjust murder, were in harmony — in empathy — with George Floyd’s own pathetic ‘heart’ of his ‘mind’, and so the brain scans of all protestors of Floyd’s wrongful murder would have been identical to that of the ‘Mind of Christ’ upon the humiliating Cross. ‘Reality’, then, has trumped Hollywood film-making, and no one noticed . . . outside of ‘Heaven’ ? !

    Hopefully, Cecilia has good life left in her, still. She needs to take a good look at the latest ‘brain science’ relevant to the ‘Kingdom of God within you’ as Christ, Himself — the ‘King of Kings’ — described its location in Luke 17, and then use her Hollywood connections to revive interest — modern, up-to-date, scientific interest — in her Grandfather’s Biblical ‘religious’ film-making genre, + ‘science’. . . who else is more suited to the task ? Certainly NOT those of us in the ‘silent’ ‘cheap seats’.

    Meanwhile, I take futile comfort from the fact that I will never get in trouble for expressing my controversial perspectives on reuniting all of God’s Words in harmony (not merely ‘sola Scriptura’) here in the quiet and therefore ‘invisible’ cheap seats of the HFS. . . . The sound of ‘one hand clapping’, etc. 🙂 (:


    March 27, 2022 at 5:22 pm

    Mysteriously, there is still plenty of room to ‘reply’ to these DeMille videos. . . so I will.

    Too bad there is not a ‘DeMille’-type movie maker in Hollywood to pick up the ‘story’ from General Gordon’s experiences in the late 1800s through Ron Wyatt’s in the late 1900s. The Bible ‘story’ has progressed, but not the story-telling. Yet, the stories of the ‘Bible’ — Heaven dealing with angelic and human rebellion — don’t end with John’s ‘Revelation’. We are living in them even today.

  • Thomas Donlon

    March 31, 2022 at 11:16 am

    I appreciate the fantastic insights into the life and workings of such a great film-maker. I do not believe I’ve seen any of his films yet, and I don’t know if the Lord will guide me to watch them. However, they seem to have been at least a bit influential. And it was good to hear how influential one or some of his films were in Egypt, for example.

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