April Focus

The Red Sea Miracle

Our April focus will investigate the questions concerning the search for Pharaoh’s Chariots on the Seafloor. We will look at dive footage of coral taken by Exodus Explorers as they search for the remains of the Egyptian army. We will learn more from marine biologist, Dr. Rober Carter from Creation Ministries International, as to what these shapes may really be. We will hear eyewitness testimonies from divers who claim to have seen and touched one of these chariot wheels.

April Content

Introduction – The Red Sea Miracle

The Red Sea Miracle is our April focus for the Historical Faith Society.  Tim Mahoney explains the upcoming month’s episodes.

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Pharoah a Shadow of the Serpent

Discover how Pharaoh personifies Satan, who is also known as the serpent. These types and shadows of the serpent form a pattern that covers the …

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The Red Sea Miracle 2 Panel Discussion

Get behind the scenes insights with the Red Sea Miracle 2 panel discussion featuring theologian, Dr. Craig Keener; author, Rabbi Jason Sobel; forensic science educator, …

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Miracles: The Numbers of the Israelites

Does the biblical information favor total numbers of 20 thousand Israelites or 2 million? This question is a complicated piece of the Exodus journey. Go …

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Pharaoh’s Chariots on the Seafloor: Panel Discussion

Join Tim Mahoney with Marine Biologist Robert Carter from Creation Ministries International, Exodus Explorer Divers Aaron Sen, Ross Patterson, and Andrew Ross.

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The Border Lakes of Egypt

Explore the different bodies of water proposed for shallow-water sea crossings near Egypt. Did all of these lakes even exist at the time of the …

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