Exclusive LIVE Events

The Historical Faith Society, the community within the Patterns of Evidence Foundation, will give its supporting members an opportunity to dive deeper into the historical credibility of the Bible and its importance with our Exclusive LIVE Events.

These events will allow supporting members to connect with Biblical scholars in a LIVE Q&A format, hosted by Tim Mahoney. Supporting members will be able to submit questions during the LIVE stream portion of these events, as well as have access to this page where they can review them at any time.

Ask the Scholar about Revelation Q&A - Exclusive LIVE Event

Historical Faith Society President, Tim Mahoney, French investigative filmmaker, Christophe Hanauer, and New Testament Scholars Dr. David deSilva and Dr. Mark Wilson discuss the new film, “The 7 Churches of Revelation: Times of Fire.” This panel event gives an exciting and informative look at the book of Revelation and the 7 Churches in Asia Minor.