Searching for the Red Sea Crossing

Glen A. Fritz · December 18, 2020

For centuries there has been mystery and debate surrounding the sea miraculously crossed by the Israelites on their Exodus journey to Mt. Sinai. This sea, called Yam Suph by Moses, appears many times in the Bible, but its location has never been clearly identified. Was the crossing site really a shallow “Reed Sea” on the border of Egypt or perhaps at the traditional location on the Red Sea’s Gulf of Suez? Environmental Geographer Glen Fritz believes this issue will not be solved primarily with linguistics or archaeology, but rather it requires a geographic approach. Along with commentary and questioning by Timothy Mahoney, Dr. Fritz gives an in-depth biblical and geographic case for the Gulf of Aqaba being the Yam Suph of the Exodus, and how its position provides vital clues to the location of Mt. Sinai.

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