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David Rohl · December 18, 2020

David Rohl – best-selling author and historian – is recognized as one of Egyptology’s most powerful communicators. Here, in this two disc set, Rohl sets out to challenge the current consensus amongst academics that the Bible is predominantly a work of fiction. His obvious mastery of the subject in this four-hour presentation clarifies why evidence for the early history in the Bible has previously been missed.

Rohl begins by setting up the controversy and then begins to present his arguments for the proper historical setting for Joseph and the early Israelites. He goes on to reveal evidence for the time of Moses, the Exodus and the Conquest. Rohl ends with the time of Israel’s kings Saul, David and Solomon. Were the early Israelites really Canaanites as many academics say? Was Ramesses the pharaoh of the Exodus? Did Solomon really rule over a rich and glorious empire? David Rohl’s thought-provoking lectures confront the status quo with compelling evidence for the veracity of the Old Testament narratives.

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