Historical Faith Society

The beginning

The Patterns of Evidence Foundation’s origin goes back to 2002 when Timothy (Tim) Mahoney, an investigative documentary filmmaker, went with a small film crew on an adventure to Egypt searching for evidence of the Exodus’s account. Tim journeyed to the location where the Bible placed the early Israelites and interviewed Egyptologist Manfred Beitak, who had been digging there for decades. The latter told him there was no physical evidence for the Exodus event.

The Founder

Raised as a Christian, Tim always believed that the events of the Bible were historical. But now, upon hearing from one of the world’s premier Egyptologists about the lack of evidence, Tim returned home after a month-long investigation with a crisis of faith.

As he continued to research, it was clear that the Exodus was one of the most foundational events recorded in the Bible. Many authors of the Bible’s books referenced it, and even Jesus Christ talked about Moses and his writings. If an Exodus didn’t happen, then the historical credibility of the entire Bible was at stake.

Different interpretations

Over time, Tim began to learn that other scholars had a completely different interpretation of the evidence. So he journeyed back to Egypt, looking for answers at the same locations where the biblical events were said to have happened, interviewing archaeologists and scholars from all over the world. The investigation set up six significant events of the Exodus and the Conquest of Canaan and identified evidence for each in the correct sequence but at an earlier era of history.

The documentary investigation results began a series of Patterns of Evidence films, books, and lectures that allowed an open approach, hearing from all sides of the debate about the Bible’s credibility. The technique of pattern recognition matching the biblical record became the central approach.

Foundational questions

The next stage of the investigation delved into the foundational question of whether Moses could have written the first books of the Bible as the Bible claims. A claim that most scholars doubt. Once again, a pattern of evidence supporting the biblical account was revealed with the world’s first alphabet showing up at the right time and place for Moses to write the Torah.

Start of the Foundation

After almost two decades of private investment to produce these faith-affirming investigative films and books, it became necessary to move to a non-profit organizational structure to continue the work. In 2020, the Patterns of Evidence Foundation formed as a 501c3 entity recognized by the United States Federal Government.

This decision has allowed individuals, family trusts, and other like-minded foundations to help in this critical work of preserving and promoting the historical credibility of the Bible.

Historical Faith Society Begins

In 2021, the Historical Faith Society formed under the Patterns of Evidence Foundation board’s authority and supervision. This society is a social media platform broadening its purpose to preserve, educate and share the historical credibility of the Bible and pass it on to the next generation.

The Society hosts special monthly events centered around scholars presenting evidence for the historical credibility of the Bible. Resident scholars on the forum agree to a Bible-affirming statement of faith and support the society with insights, articles, lectures, and videos. Members interact with each other and with scholars in discussion groups to go deeper into the materials.

Furthering the work

The Historical Faith Society is also participating in the funding of archaeological dig sites with the purpose to discover and preserve artifacts as well as the funding to assisting in publishing and display the archaeological findings. The goal is to contribute to a deeper understanding and interpretation of the history and events documented in the biblical account.

Tim Mahoney

Tim Mahoney is the director and lead spokesperson for Patterns of Evidence Foundation and the Historical Faith Society. We look forward to growing together in our community as both seekers and believers learn more about the historical credibility of the Bible and what it means for us today.

You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. (Deuteronomy 6:5)